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Unidentified Civil War Soldiers from Virginia, Mississippi and New York

Quarter plate ambrotype by an unidentified photographer. Bryan Watson Collection.

The Virginia seal on the belt buckle of this soldier leaves no doubt about his state affiliation. The blade of his sword appears to be a Model 1840-foot officer type. The fine color tinting, particularly on his face and hands, is especially well done.

Sixth plate ambrotype by an unidentified photographer. Bryan Watson Collection.

A Confederate soldier with trimmed jacket and plumed hat grips a Model 1816/22 smoothbore musket that has been converted from flintlock to percussion. This image recently came out of Lamar County, Ala., notes owner Bryan Watson, who adds “that the general consensus is that he is probably a Mississippi soldier.”

Carte de visite by an unidentified photographer. Marty Schoenfeld Collection.

It’s a good bet that this second lieutenant in the 13th New York State Militia mustered for federal service from April to August 1861. The regiment spent its enlistment in Annapolis. He stands against a scenic backdrop wearing a holstered revolver, sword and patriotic rosette with ribbon.

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