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Fake Radar Contest

By Perry M. Frohne

Time to put your Fake Radar to the test.

Displayed here are five cartes de visite. Your challenge is to figure out whether each one is a real period image, or a steaming pile of fakeness. When you have your answers, please email with the subject line Fake Radar Contest.

Every contest has a prize: Contestants with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing at a time designated by our version of Charles Foster Kane, Editor and Publisher Ron “Rosebud” Coddington. The winner of the drawing will receive a signed copy of one of Ron’s outstanding Faces of War books. The winner will be announced in the next issue of MI.

Now, just tell us which are fakes, and which are real period images. Good luck!






Call to action

View the results. Sharing with fellow collectors builds our knowledge base and may help save a collector the pain of purchasing a fake. Also, please send a copy of the fake images if available. All stories and photographs will be used anonymously unless you give permission to use your name.

Perry Frohne is the owner of Frohne’s Historic Military. He has been investigating fake images for more than 20 years. He is a MI Senior Editor.

SPREAD THE WORD: We encourage you to share this story on social media and elsewhere to educate and raise awareness. If you wish to use any image on this page for another purpose, please request permission.

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