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Our Initiative to Educate Future Historians

In our last issue, we debuted a new campaign, “Help us find the next Shelby Foote or Ed Bearss.” You may have noticed it promoted on the inside front cover or on social media.

Our stated goal was to identify boys and girls aged 13 to 17 with an interest in Civil War history, and provide them with a free subscription to MI, to aid them in their ongoing education.

The idea grew out of a conversation with subscriber and contributor Kevin Canberg, who donated five 1-year subscriptions for this purpose.


The Young Historians Who Will Receive MI

    • Holden Hankins of Zionsville, Ind., is thoroughly knowledgable about the war and is a strong critical thinker to boot.
    • Thomas Holland of Newport News, Va., has a favorite Civil War spot— The Railroad Cut at Gettysburg.
    • Lane Lackey of Bowling Green, Ky., is the great-grandson of a World War II veteran.
    • Joseph Sorace of Independence, Ohio, has traveled to numerous battlefields with his family, and has a special place in his heart for Gettysburg.
    • Ryan Tapee of Jacksonville, Fla., told his father that he felt the battlefield of Gettysburg, noting it was eerily quiet and heavy.
    • Ryan Walker of Santa Anna, Texas, spends countless hours poring over Civil War books. 


Kevin’s philanthropic impulse and generous spirit impressed me. His commitment also moved me to do something practical, which can help educate young Americans about our country’s history.

The most tangible benefit of understanding our history is rooted in the idea that the more one knows about our origins, the better citizen he or she will become. Knowledge is, in fact, power. This perhaps helps explain why concerns about history in education have existed for a long while. Some of us are fortunate to recall that one great teacher who inspired us by making history come alive. But not everyone has been so fortunate.

I believe Military Images can help raise awareness and educate the young (and not so young!) about the Civil War through the images and stories of those who lived it. MI is not a single answer to the larger question of history education. It is however, one of many entry points into understanding the great calamity that divided our country for four long years, cost the flower of a generation, and drained a massive amount of resources.

I am delighted to report that we have identified deserving young historians as a result of our campaign.

I am optimistic about future sponsor subscriptions for young historians and others. I hope you’ll help by answering future calls to action.

Ronald S. Coddington
Editor & Publisher

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