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Showcase. Interpret. Preserve.

At Military Images magazine, these three words capture the spirit of our ongoing mission to highlight rare portraits, personal stories and the material culture of the Civil War.

And we’ve been doing so since 1979. In the summer of that landmark year, founding editor and publisher Harry Roach realized a dream when he published the first issue of MI. He set a broad mission to document the early photographic history of American soldiers and sailors.

Roach was a pioneer. He started MI at a time when the importance of soldier photographs was just beginning to be understood and appreciated. These images had been tucked away in attics and basements across our country for years, packed in trunks and boxes with uniforms, weapons and other relics which originally belonged to the veterans in blue and gray. About the time of the Civil War centennial in 1961, these artifacts began to make their way to flea markets, antique shows and other sales. By the late 1960s and early 1970s, a small number of enthusiasts had become specialized as Civil War photo collectors.

One of those early collectors was Harry Roach. He founded the magazine to raise awareness and to educate collectors. Roach collaborated with a number of contributors who shared his passion. Issue after issue, subscribers glimpsed wonderful photographs and read informative and entertaining stories.

This is Roach’s legacy. Since he stepped aside as editor and publisher in 2000, MI has continued as the leader in showcasing, interpreting, and preserving military images.

In 2015, MI launched the Web version of the magazine.

Ronald S. Coddington
Editor & Publisher

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